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Why you should use a non-alcoholic Post-Shave Balm rather than an alcohol-based Aftershave?

Alright, so there are two kinds of products when it comes to post-shave formulas- there are your alcohol-based formulas and then there are alcohol-free ones. All your moisturisers, balms, gels are alcohol-free while your lotions and aftershave-splashes are generally alcohol-based. We understand that it might feel like we’re nit-picking here, but believe us, the distinction…

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By Somya Guglani, June 14, 2019

5 Thoughtful Gifts Your Dad Actually Wants For Father’s Day

Your dad gave you the best of him, time to give it back. Here are 5 gifts that he’ll actually love, and be able to use. And, just to make your Father’s Day even more special, we’ve added a Personalised Sleeve where you get to include a photograph and a nice message for your dad….

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By Somya Guglani, June 7, 2019

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