To-do list for my bro

14 years of To-do lists for a brother, friend and my favorite person in the whole world.

5 Tips for a more balanced life

Five ways to tip the scales of life back in your favor.

Good morning Monday! Now go away.

7:30 a.m. I groan into my pillow as the incessant blaring of my alarm begins.

On-Screen Shaving Awards

Witness how shaving adds to the flavor of films and cuts deep into the heart of movie lovers.

A brief History of shaving

No history books were harmed during our voyage to the origins of shaving.

Why a Regimen is important for a good shave

A peak at our thoughts on the three steps to complete and immersive care for your face.

Designing the Safety Razor

Dota player extraordinaire, Deepu Panicker and his quest for design perfection.

Rise up. Start fresh. Make it happen.

Razor in hand, I looked up at my foamy face in the mirror and thought, "What's changed?"